They are many a photographer's worst nightmare, but for me a wedding is - more or less – another event photography job; both require the same style, hold the same pressures and require the same set of skills. The only big difference between a wedding and any other commercial event photography work is that weddings are, pretty much, the best events EVER. :) There aren't many other jobs where I'm so spoiled for choice as to which big smile or laugh or other expression I should be trying to capture – everyone is happy, relaxed and maybe a wee bit emotional... perfect conditions for some great photojournalism.


There definitely seems to be a trend in the wedding photography industry that is taking people away from the traditional-syle portraiture that most of us associate with weddings. Whether it's because people are wanting something a bit more modern or personal, or because brides and grooms have finally become bored with the idea of spending hours with their photographer instead of their guests, more and more couples are looking for docmentary and reportage style images of their day. To me, the biggest draw of this style for a wedding is that the photos will tell a story of the full day from beginning to end – something that a set of posed photos can never do.


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